What is Anxiety?

General Anxiety Disorder (GAD) is very common, affecting around 5% of the UK population.


Anxiety is the main symptom for several conditions such as:

- Panic Disorders

- Phobias 


- Social Anxiety Disorder

Anxiety Disorder can cause psychological and physical symptoms in an individual, such as:

- Restlessness

- Feeling of worry

- Dizziness

- Troubles concentrating 

- Difficulties sleeping

Your therapist will work with you to explore the causes and triggers of your anxiety. These triggers can be caused by relationships, work stress and past experiences. Your therapist will also help you create effective coping mechanisms. 

Reading on Anxiety

  • 'Free Yourself from Anxiety: A Self Help Guide to Overcoming Anxiety Disorders' by Emma Fletcher and Martha Langley (2009)
  • 'Overcoming Anxiety - A Self-Help Guide' by Helen Kennerley (1997)
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