Self Development


What is Self Development?

Think Forward Health aims to help you gain confidence and clarity in order to overcome any obstacles you may meet or perceive to meet whilst trying to obtain your goals. 

In an ever changing society, keeping up with the fast paced nature can be difficult, and we can come to crossroads leaving us confused on where to go next. 

By talking to a non-judgemental counsellor you will be able to find answers, create reachable goals and assemble plans to reach your truest potential in life.  

Benefits of Self Development

  1. Gain some clarity and understanding of your current circumstances and situation
  2. Helps map out goals 
  3. Helps acknowledge obstacles that may prevent change
  4. Removes negative thoughts which can lead you to feeling unhappy and dissatisfied  
  5. Gain more focus, motivation and confidence

Issues Suitable for Self Development

  1. Career (change of career, new business, promotions, performance)
  2. Stress management, work-life balance
  3. Self-confidence, self-esteem and self-image issues
  4. Relationships (including dating, rapport building and couples)
  5. Reaching life goals, motivation
  6. Communication problems, public speaking

Reading on Self Development

  • 'The Life Coaching Handbook: Everything you need to be an effective life coach'  Curly Martin (2001)
  • 'Change Your Life with CBT: How Cognitive Behavioural Therapy can Transform Your Life'  Corinne Sweet (2010)
  • Self Improvement