Self Esteem


What is Self Esteem?

Having a health level of self esteem is important in daily life, however, traumatic events can have a huge impact on our feelings of self worth and importance. 

Persistent negative thinking can create an unhealthy cycle, leading you to avoid taking on all kinds of activities and tasks because you fear failure. This can sometimes lead to a catch 22 situation as cutting yourself off from challenges can leave you feeling even more unhappy.

If you are experiencing exhaustion, a lack of motivation, feelings of failure, or  negative thoughts about abilities and opportunities, and wishing life was better, then you are probably suffering from low self-esteem and a lack of confidence. 

Counselling can help you explore how your low self-confidence may have evolved and review how your day-to-day life is affected, as well as how you would like things to change.

Reading on Self Esteem

  • Increase your Confidence in One Day and Stay Confident for the Rest of Your Life (2010) by Olga Levancuka.
  • Overcoming Low Self-Esteem - A Self-Help Guide (1999) by Melanie Fennell 
  • NHS on Self Esteem

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