What is Identity?

Having an identity is essential for an individual to becoming mature. Identity, and parts of identity can be classified by a variety of different things such as:

- Religion

- Race

- Sexuality

- Gender

- Ethnicity 

Some identity traits are determined at birth such as gender and race. Other traits can be modified later in life, such as language and religious preference. Struggling with identity can be completely normal. Developing an identity or sense of self and those traits a person desires to have can take time and may be challenging. Not having a strong sense of self or struggling with identity issues may lead to depression, anxiety, and other psychological health problems in addition to even physical health problems.

Think Forward Health aims to offer a space where you can explore the issues you're having around identity. Through this, depression may reduce, and coping mechanisms will be created in order to help with struggles in day to day life. 

Reading on Identity

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