What is Depression?

It is natural for us to feel sad from time to time. Most of the time, these feelings are due to our surroundings, experiences and  stressful events, but it is also normal to have no reason at all. However, if they persist, it can be a sign of depression. 

Depression affects 1 in 6 of us, with many common symptoms such as crying, sleep disturbances, lack of motivation, pessimism, lack in concentration, withdrawal socially, suicidal thoughts, change in appetite, loss of sex drive, lack of pleasure and enthusiasm. 

Here at Think Forward Health, we work with you to explore the feelings of sadness, developing tailor-made strategies to enable you to manage low moods and unpleasant thoughts that will be effective in the long run.  

Understanding Depression

Depression is the leading cause of disability in the world. It can be hard to understand as it is a mental illness. 

Helen M. Farrell examines the symptoms and treatments of depression.